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The manufacturing of micro gears is mainly due to its small size and high precision requirements, which requires the use of high-precision processing equipment and processes.

The manufacturing materials of micro gears also require good mechanical properties and wear resistance, such as high-strength alloy steel or ceramic materials.

The design and manufacturing process of the micro gear needs to take into account the influence of various factors, including working environment, friction, wear, etc., to ensure that its performance and life meet the requirements.

Jiehaung MIM produces all kinds of gears, small gears, gears with clearance adjustment and non-circular gears. These can be used in mechanical watch movements, as well as micro-retarders or micro-pumps for the medical industry.

The ability to create gears that strictly follow the theoretical profile is a major benefit of the metal injection molding process. Whether external, internal, or clearance compensated, these gears are characterized by roundness and coaxiality between the center hole and the tooth head in the micron range.

The micro MIM (μ-MIM) is ideal for the production of micro gears. The smallest gears have a diameter of around 700 microns and a thickness of 400 microns, Jiehaung MIM offers micro gears of the highest quality. It is challenging to manufacture these micro gears using CNC machining or other production techniques.

Small motors, robots, gear boxes, timepieces, smartphone cameras, optical instruments, and the electronics industry all frequently use micro gears. 


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