How is China aluminium die casting manufacturers?

China dia casting


China automotive aluminum die casting mainly involve walking engine system, transmission system, chassis system and other systems, there are many different kinds of products, mainly products are engine bracket, engine mounts, the oil pan, a casing, start, chassis, clutch shell, gearbox shell, filter plate connected, steering chassis, brake wheel cylinder shell, steering knuckle, engine framework, ABS system components, etc.

China is a net exporter of automotive aluminum die-castings, and the proportion of imports shows a downward trend. In 2015, the import volume was 36,900 tons, accounting for 1.55% of the total domestic market. In 2015, China exported 113,800 tons of automotive aluminum die-castings, accounting for 4.78% of the total domestic market, slightly down from 2014. China’s auto parts tariff has played a very important role in protecting the development of the auto industry. With the continuous development of China’s auto industry and the continuous reduction of the tariff rate, the tariff cost of auto aluminum pressing parts has been decreasing continuously. In 2015, the tariff cost of China auto aluminum pressing parts accounted for about 0.3% of the total product price.

Automobile aluminum die-casting industry is a capital and technology intensive industry, with a large fixed asset investment quota, long construction cycle, concentrated production, wide sales area, and a high proportion of transportation costs in product selling price. The domestic sales expense of China aluminum die casting companies decreased from 8.11% in 2014 to 7.82% in 2015, and the foreign sales expense decreased from 12.11% in 2014 to 9.82% in 2015. The average transportation cost of the industry decreased by 0.29%. The sales expenses of China’s automobile aluminum die-castings include transportation expenses, storage expenses, packaging expenses, wages, marketing expenses, etc., among which storage and transportation expenses account for 65% of the total expenses, packaging expenses account for 25%, and both of them account for 90% of the sales expenses.

Driven by the trend of global economic integration, the focus of global die casting production has gradually shifted to China. China has the advantages of labor and aluminum resources, and China die casting industry has shown a trend of rapid development.

Post time: Nov-03-2022