The 1911 mim parts



The M1911 came in many variants, but its basic structure, such as firing and launching mechanisms, safety mechanisms, remained the same,the 1911 gun is also called 1911 mim parts because many of the metal parts are produced by metal injection molding.

 The M1911 uses a single-action firing mechanism, which can only fire single shots. Its striking and launching mechanism is composed of striking needle, striking needle spring, striking hammer, striking hammer spring, blocking iron, blocking iron spring, single hair bar, trigger connecting rod and trigger. Among them, the single hair bar is a rod, and the block iron assembly together, it can either move up and down in a straight line, but also can rotate around the axis with the block iron. It has a lug on the lower part. After the sleeve is reinserted into place, the single engine rod moves upward into the notch of the sleeve, and the lug engages with the stopper iron. At this time, if the handle safety is pressed tightly and the trigger is pulled, the hammer in the position to be struck can be released. If the sleeve is not reinserted in place, the single engine rod is pressed down by the sleeve, and the lug is under the stop iron and detached from the stop iron. At this time, the hammer cannot be released although the grip safety is pressed and the trigger is pulled. Single shot bar in addition to the above functions, but also to avoid the formation of a single trigger. Insurance mechanism is acting on firing and launching mechanism, to realize the whole gun insurance.

 The average particle size of metal powder used in metal injection molding parts is required to be less than 20um, and the thickness of most parts is below 10mm, and the size of complex shape parts used in the market at present is 20mm-30mm.

 1, the use of metal injection molding technology to make parts are relatively flat, beautiful appearance, weight should not be too heavy or too small, generally between 0.1~500g.

2, the mim components of the uniform organization, high dimensional precision, high relative density, good surface finish, stable product quality, high production efficiency, easy to achieve mass production, large-scale production.

3. The injection material can be used repeatedly, and the utilization rate of the injection material is more than 98%, which can save the production cost.

 The process of metal injection molding is suited to the mass production of 1911 mim parts.

Post time: May-08-2023