why powder metallurgy parts can be widely used in motorcycle manufacturing

The reason why powder metallurgy parts can be widely used in motorcycle MIM manufacturing is inseparable from its economy, which will be explained by examples below.


1. One of the biggest features of the powder metallurgy process is that it has fewer production processes and high production efficiency. Compared with other manufacturing processes, it requires less man-hours. The more complex the shape and the more man-hours it takes to machine parts, the more economical it is to manufacture with powder metallurgy. Compared with the man-hours of the forging cutting method and the powder metallurgy method to produce the driving gear of the motorcycle clutch, the traditional forging and cutting method takes 8259 hours to produce 50,000 gears, while the powder metallurgy method takes only 917 hours to produce the same number of gears. The man-hours can be saved by about 89%.

2.Powder metallurgy gear manufacturing ,the motorcycle idler gear is a double gear. Its traditional manufacturing process is first made of Cr-Mo alloy structural steel by punching or forging into a blank, then cutting into a large and small gear, and then assembling and welding the two to form a blank. It is made by carburizing and quenching and grinding the inner hole. After a total of 13 processing steps, the mass of the blank is 540g, while the finished gear is 176g, and the material utilization rate is 33%. However, when this part is manufactured by powder metallurgy, the material utilization rate is 100%, and the productivity is 4 times that of the traditional manufacturing process. Therefore, when the duplex gear is manufactured by powder metallurgy process, the production cost can be reduced by 30% compared with the traditional manufacturing process.

If motorcycle manufacturers can be good at and fully use powder metallurgy parts, they can not only greatly increase investment efficiency, speed up production development, but also improve product quality, save materials, save energy, greatly reduce production costs, and have significant technical competitive benefits.

The number of two powder metallurgy parts used in motorcycles, the material properties and shape complexity of the powder metallurgy parts used are one of the important indicators of the production technology level of the motorcycle manufacturing industry.

Make full use of the advantages of powder metallurgy technology, develop unique powder metallurgy parts, and improve the production level of motorcycles.

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Post time: Jan-21-2022