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Powder metallurgy PM technology is to manufacture a variety of metal material powder as raw materials through molding, sintering and follow-up treatment to produce metal parts.

MIM metal injection molding and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding technology) are both powder injection molding (PIM). MIM, Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM) and isostatic pressing (IP) belong to the different process types of Powder Metallurgy (PM).


powder metallurgy parts


Characteristics of powder metallurgy parts

  • 1. Excellent organizational structure and performance
  • 2. Significant technical and economic benefits;
  • 3. Can produce many materials and products that cannot be produced by other methods (such as: many refractory materials);
  • 4. It is an important and economical forming technology for manufacturing various machine parts; (The ability to obtain parts with the final size and shape, achieving less cutting free machining)
  • 5. The strength of ordinary powder metallurgy products is lower than the corresponding forgings or castings (20~30) %; (There are pores inside the product)
  • 6. The fluidity of the powder in the molding process is not as good as that of liquid metal (there are limitations on the structural shape of the product)
  • 7. Products generally < 10kg
  • 8. High die cost and high powder cost.
  • 9. Suitable for batch or mass production

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The structure and processability of powder metallurgy PM  parts

Avoid fragile sharp corners in the mold;

Avoid local thin wall of mold and compact;

The cone and inclined plane shall have a small section of straight strip;

Need to have a release cone or rounded corner;

Adapt to the needs of the pressing direction

To make pressing and demoulding easier, powder metallurgy parts' structures should be as straightforward as possible; It facilitates homogeneous powder filling, compactness, and density; It is advantageous to streamline the die's construction and lengthen its useful life.

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