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Aluminum die casting

die casting machines

We are aluminium die casting parts manufacturer from China. A wide variety of aluminum alloy die castings are available from us. Gravity is our primary die casting technique. Dash Casting: High-Pressure Using low pressure to cast dies Casting in dies.


Describe aluminum Casting in Die meaning

Metal-forming techniques include aluminum die casting. It is created by pressure rather than gravity. Injection of the liquid aluminum occurs into a two-part mold. Separate the cast aluminum component when the molten aluminum has cooled and become solid. obtain the die casting component.


Aluminum's advantages and defects of Die Casting

1. High-quality goods

high dimensional precision the same as ISO CT6–CT7. up to CT4, even. improved surface quality. high hardness and strength. The strength surpasses the sand mold's strength by 30%. But there is a roughly 70% reduction in elongation. stable in all dimensions. Complex castings with thin walls are preferable.

2. High output effectiveness

3000–7000 times of die-casting aluminum components. Days.

3. Affordable mold.

Die-casting molds for aluminum have a long lifespan. up to a million, or even hundreds of thousands of times.

3. Reduction in secondary machining

Aluminum die castings typically don't need, or almost ever need, machining after casting because of their accurate dimensions and superb surface polish.

It doesn't just increase the metal's utilization rate. can significantly cut back on the use of machining tools and labor. For this reason, aluminum die casting is less expensive than aluminum sand casting.


Small batch production is not a good fit for aluminum die casting.

The primary cause is the high expense of producing die-casting aluminum molds. Production in small batches is not cost-effective.
The gravity casting method for aluminum is a choice for smaller castings.


China aluminium die casting manufacturers

Custom aluminum die casting service is our main focus . In accordance with your drawing, we make die cast parts. A matura design and production team is here. We can complete your purchase quickly. To ensure high quality and prompt delivery, JIEHUANG Casting Foundry uses a lean production management system, IATF16949, and ISO9001 quality system.

aluminum die casting auto parts


ABS aluminum die casting auto parts

ABS部件 (3)ABS部件 (2)



Die casting Automotive pump products

die casting auto parts auto die casting



Die casting Spring cylinder

弹簧缸 (1)弹簧缸 (5)



Automobile engine casing by die casting

发动机缸体 (1)发动机缸体 (4)



Automotive valves by Aluminum die casting

阀类 (4)
阀类 (5)



Aluminum die casting dryer parts

Aluminum die casting dryer parts干燥机 (6)



Aluminum die casting height valve

高度阀 (1)高度阀 (5)



Aluminium die casting four loop parts

Aluminium die casting four loop partsAluminium die casting four loop parts



Aluminium die-cast automobile pedals

踏板 (1)踏板 (2)



Aluminum die cast automotive tensioner wheels

Aluminum die cast automotive tensioner wheelsAluminum die cast automotive tensioner wheels



Aluminum die cast automotive booster

Aluminum die cast automotive booster助力器 (18)