Our story with MEDIKO.

MEDIKO is manufactures and markets medical systems for pulmonary diagnostics and monitoring. 

Our story started form 2016.

We got the inquiry from 2016-04-22 (drawing need 2D and 3D CAD, 2D include tolerances or additional notes that may apply to the part)


After checked the drawing in 2 weeks, we offered the DFM report  


After all engineers many chat online meetings , and engineer Mr Mike Lipponnen had come to visited JIEHUANG CHIYANG, and make finial chat in our MIM company.


AThen we finally start our MIM moldings and metal injection molding sample, that is 2016-5-30

30 days later, MIM Molding finished, That is 2016-6-30


15 days later, MIM samples are finished, metal injection molding product is perfect, match the plastic part very well. Metal components used in the medical sector must be extremely precise. Medical device and equipment producers are subject to stringent regulatory regulations, so they have no time for concerns about performance or dependability.


After 20 days later, we got the confirmations from MEDIKO,
Time is 2016-8-5

We used 30 days for the make the first mass production of 5000 pieces, Packing well.


From 2018 , we had offered around 50000 pcs of the medical MIM products yet.

This product is very difficult.

1. The weight of the medical product reaches 48g, and it is also a relatively large product in the MIM industry.
2. The product structure is complicated, showing the L -shaped structure. During the sintering process, it is easy to deform.
3. The metal product needs to be fully matched with plastic parts,
4. There are many screw holes in the product assembly. The mold and sintering process need to be controlled so that the position cannot be deviated.
5. Product appearance requires mirror polishing

Why this product choose metal injection molding but not CNC machine?

Disadvantages of CNC machining:

1. Low production efficiency and high cost

2. Batch processing, unstable quality, low precision,

3. High labor intensity, more processing personnel,

4. Frequent processing turnover.

5. Insufficient security protection

Metal injection molding (MIM) is very suitable for mass production of complex medical precision equipment parts with stable quality. Used in surgical instruments, artificial joints and pacemakers. Metal injection molding can achieve 95 to 98 percent of its theoretical density at a much lower cost than comparable machined parts.

JIEHUANG CHIYANG AS China metal injection molding manufacturer, MIM service process is as follows:


Metal injection molding process is the best choice for many medical products. We are able to mold implants as well as surgical tools and equipment, telemedicine tools, diagnostic tools, and dentistry tools. Our process capabilities include the following, Please click for more l MIM products.

- Surgical clamps.

- Elements of knee braces

- Braces for the feet

- A handheld rotation limiter for surgery

- Implants for animals

- Disposable medical equipment

- Single-use implant molds

- Knife shaft instruments

- Concept devices for implants and surgeries

- The shafts of knives and scalpels

- External and implantable pumps

- Pens for delivering medication

- Concentrators for oxygen

We can also provide a variety of value-added surface treatments, such as electro polishing, Teflon coating, or chrome plating, to meet the essential biocompatibility or medical grade standards for Class 1 and Class 2 medical devices. Naturally, we also give manufacturers the option to select between conventional ferrous alloys like stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt-chromium as well.