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Powder metallurgy gears is difficult to separate statistically from the rest of the powder metallurgy parts PM parts, but whether measured in weight or in the total number of parts, powder metallurgy gears accounts for a much larger percentage of powder metal parts than other fields in all types of machinery, cars, and motorcycles.

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Powder metallurgy gear is the product of high technology with less chip and no chip

From the proportion of automobile and motorcycle in the wholepowder metallurgy parts of the rise can be seen that powder metallurgy gear in the whole powder metal parts in the rapid development of the position. If according to the characteristics of the parts, the gear belongs to the structure of the parts, and the structure of the parts in the whole iron base parts accounted for the absolute weight is far greater than several other types of powder metallurgy parts.


Type and application of powder metallurgy gears

Powder metallurgy gears are the common powder metal parts found in a variety of car engines. Through a single forming and finishing process, it may completely meet the requirements for dimensional precision, particularly those related to gear shape accuracy, without requiring any additional post-processing. As a result, it is a typical product representing the features of powder metallurgy since the material input and manufacture are significantly decreased when compared to the standard mechanical processing technique of manufacturing. Examples of powder metallurgy components that fit the parts category Names: vehicle gearbox; bearing cap; rocker arm; bushing; valve guide; inlet and exhaust valve seats; camshaft; crankshaft timing belt wheel; water pump; oil pump belt wheel; drive; driven gear; and CAM. various synchronizer tooth hub and component types for high and low speeds, clutch gear……

PM gear is a process of mixing, forming, powder metallurgy sintering and finished product:

(1) Mix. Powder metallurgy gear production, powder preparation is the first step, after powder mixing and other steps;
(2), pressing forming. The powder is pressed into the shape of the required powder metallurgy gear under certain pressure;
(3) Metal Sintering. In a high temperature furnace or vacuum furnace to protect the atmosphere. In the process of sintering, a series of physical and chemical processes such as diffusion, recrystallization, fusion welding, combination and dissolution between powder particles become metallurgical products with certain porosity.
(4) Post-processing. In general, sintered PM gears can be used directly. But for some dimensions require high precision, and require high hardness, wear resistance of powder metallurgy gears also need to be sintered after treatment. Such as: fine pressing, rolling, extrusion, quenching, oil immersion, etc.


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