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MIM For Automotive Parts


Metal injected automotive components 

All MIM auto parts SGS,CTI and RoHS approved. All MIM material approved. The automotive industry has never been more dynamic than it is now. To satisfy shifting client demands, manufacturers are modifying the way they create and produce new products. We work with automakers to help them remain ahead of the competition. We help companies speed up prototyping so they can quickly analyze the viability of novel components and move them through the approval process for production parts (PPAP). When a part is ready for manufacturing, we can quickly ramp up to high-volume production at almost any scale.

The components with the best performance

Typically, the components we manufacture must meet stringent performance specifications. They must be extremely precise, perform at high temperatures, and have exceptional strength and wear resistance. Parts for the following have been incorporated in these components: Turbochargers with a lot of power Systems for injecting fuel Trains of valves Precision sensors are also available.

Greater design freedom thanks to enhanced flexibility

Of course, with the rapid pace of development in the sector, manufacturers' needs are changing at a rapid pace. As a result, our ability to make parts in a variety of alloys, as well as custom formulate alloys to offer precisely the performance characteristics necessary, is a considerable advantage. It implies that you have the freedom to innovate at your own pace.