One of the essential technologies and competencies for metal injection molding is the design and manufacture of tools (MIM). We have enough capacity to deal with design changes and satisfy customers' pressing needs. This picture is the MIM mold of JIEHUANG’S customers

Our production MIM tooling capacity includes single/double cavity tools up to 16 cavity hot runner tools with internal lifters and cam powered unwinding mechanisms capable of obtaining tight tolerances on thread inserts (avoids expensive thread machining). Depending on the project's specific needs, we can grind copper and graphite (graphite milled electrodes are used to achieve very fine details in the tool). The most recent wire EDM technology is used by JIEHUANG MIM, and it is completely CAD/CAM integrated. We give a complete manufacturing solution for every project and application using this technology, expertise, and experience.

Low lead times are made possible by our in-house tooling skills, which also enable us to innovate in tool design to maximize productivity on the molding machine. We can create a tool with 8–16 cavities and automate the program on a single molding machine, whereas another business might run two tools with 4 cavities or even four tools with 2 cavities each. This saves money for customers running high volume programs.

MIM (Metal Injection Molding) mold design is not a simple task. Metal injection molding parts have tight tolerances and require special attention to the details of the complex structure of the product. Strict tolerance accuracy, no flash, and super high surface quality of metal injection molding parts require high capabilities for MIM mold manufacturers. The electrical, automotive and personal protection industries provide tooling and metal products.

The structure of the MIM mold is most suitable for the production of small and medium parts. JIEHUANG has made great contributions to the medical device industry. The weight of the parts of surgical medical instruments used in the medical industry is between 0.15-23.4g. The metal injection molding parts also include watch covers, turning gears, metal cutting tools, jaws, chisel tips, the largest metal injection molding parts JIEHUANG has ever made weighs 1KG.

sintered parts

About 1KG metal injection molding parts

The basic structure of MIM mold is similar to that of injection mold. The MIM mold includes the selection of cavity and core steel, closed corner fittings and sliders, the design of the runner system to make the material have good fluidity, the position of the gate, the ventilation depth, the surface quality of the molding area, and the application Correct choice of coating for cavity and core! Moldmakers and MIM molders primarily study and observe a set of detailed drawings. Detailed design includes selection of mold part materials, mold and cavity tolerances, surface quality and coatings, gate and runner dimensions, vent locations and dimensions, and pressure sensor locations. Cavities and cooling have been identified as critical issues in the successful manufacture of MIM molds.