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Aluminum Die Casting Helps The Development Of Electric Vehicles

With the development of the global economy, the demand for precision die castings in many fields such as electric vehicles ( new energy vehicles), communication equipment, 3C products and household appliances is continuously increasing. With the increasing improvement of die casting equipment and process technology, the aluminum alloy die casting process is replacing the original ferrous metal casting process, promoting the lightweight development demand of electric vehicles.

A developed and effective aluminum die casting process satisfies electric vehicles ' lightweight demands.
The lightweight of electric vehicles is to meet the strength and safety performance of new energy vehicles, to minimize the curb weight of new energy vehicles, to improve the power of electric vehicles, and to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust as much as possible. Pollution. For the lightweight of electric vehicles, different parts of the body structure have different degrees of contribution. Among different lightweight materials, aluminum alloy materials are lightweight, easy to form and easy to recycle, and have more significant comprehensive advantages in terms of density, performance, cost, and machinability. Compared with various metal alloys and carbon fibers, It can reduce the vehicle weight and engine load, improve the driving performance and stability of the vehicle, so it is more comfortable and safe, and is increasingly becoming a lightweight material for new energy vehicles with more cost-effective and mature technology. In particular, the current new energy vehicles are facing technological iteration and continuous improvement of production capacity, and the JIEHUANG aluminum alloy die casting solution shows its outstanding comprehensive advantages!
JIEHUANG has continuously achieved new breakthroughs and new developments in the research and development of new aluminum alloy materials and large-scale die-casting equipment. We have already deployed large-tonnage aluminum alloy die-casting machines, and the integrated aluminum alloy die-casting technology has become more and more mature. Alloy automotive structural parts provide safer and more reliable process technology and equipment support for the lightweight design and production of new energy vehicles. As people pay more and more attention to automobile energy saving and environmental protection, and the purchase demand for new energy vehicles continues to increase, the significant advantages of aluminum alloy die castings in automobile lightweight are more conducive to the development of the new energy automobile industry. Sustained high growth also promotes the development of the aluminum alloy die casting industry.


Automotive Die Casting  Products

--Multiple experience for difference systems in electric vehicles

Lightweight aluminum die casting for new energy electric vehicles

Extreme production efficiency and top-notch product quality are critical to the automotive and off-road vehicle sectors. JIEHUANG's technological know-how and full-service capabilities provide superior die casting solutions to tackle these issues.
In die casting, selecting the proper alloy is the first step in ensuring product quality.
JIEHUANG uses two families of alloys when it casts, aluminum die casting and zinc die casting, which ensures the success of your automotive or off-road vehicle program. The optimal choice of die casting material to satisfy your requirements will depend on a variety of factors, including mechanical qualities, geometry, tolerances, die lifespan, final finish, and cost.

--- High Pressure Die Casting Motor


---Inverter Parts


--- BMS in Electric Vehicle


Transmission System

---Automatic Gear Shift


---Rear Axle


---Transfer Case


---Valve Body


---Torque Converter


Power train System

---Filtration system 


---Turbo Housing 


---Oil Pump 



---Steering Housing


---Gear Housing &Cover 


---Base plate 


Multiple experience of difference systems 

---Accessory drive


---Dispensing  Frame 


---ETC&EGR Housing 


Braking system 


Air Compressor 


Air Chamber 


For The Future

The penetration rate of aluminum die casting  parts for new energy electric vehicles continues to increase, and various small parts (such as wiper motors, air conditioning systems, etc.) and three-electric systems are the first to be replaced. Subsequently, the lightweight replacement of chassis control systems has gradually begun (such as subframes, steering parts, etc.), but they are all concentrated in small and medium parts. At present, some models have begun to use aluminum alloy frames and chassis, such as Model Y and Weilai.

A rough estimate of the passenger car aluminum alloy market. Through the data of various parties, we have measured that the aluminum consumption of bicycles in 2020 will be 139kg, which is expected to increase to 250kg in 2025, and continue to rise to 350kg in 2030. According to this assumption, the passenger car aluminum alloy market is estimated to be 136 billion yuan in 2025, and the five-year CAGR will reach 17%, of which the chassis penetration rate will increase to 25%.

Unlike steel structures, aluminum alloys have certain technical difficulties when welding, and the welding methods and costs are different. The unit price of the steel structure welding point is about 0.5 yuan, while the aluminum alloy is about 1.0 yuan, and the splicing of the body is more difficult. In this case, integrated die-casting can solve the difficulty of cost and process very well.

Tesla data indicates that the Model Y uses an integrated rear panel, which can cut costs by 20%, speed up production from 2 hours to 90 seconds, reduce the amount of space needed for production by 30%, and reduce the need for skilled laborers by 90%. For the car body, the weight of the entire vehicle is also reduced by about 10%, resulting in an increase in the cruising range of about 14%.

We have more experience in large-scale structural parts, and our technology is more closely related to body integrated die-casting. At the same time, we also have a clear leading edge in the progress of orders and customer cooperation.

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