Ceramic Resistance

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Custom industrial fire wear ceramic plates ceramic resistance with hole

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Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block Advantage


high temperature resistance

high strength

high insulation

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block Processing

Long service life and high machining accuracy.

Strict inspection, check at every level.

Wide application and reliable quality.

Long service life and high machining accuracy


Ceramic use different raw materials to make products according to different requirements in processing .After repeated tested and calculations,each products is guaranteed to meet the factory standards to meet the products service life requirements.


Strict inspection ,check at every level

Ceramics performs precise calculations in processing,and the products are inspected by special personnel to prevent problematic products from entering the market. 

Wide application and reliable quality

Ceramics are widely used in high-end fieds such as mechatronics,hardware parts ,aerospace,chemical industry,petrolum,automotive and military industry,photovoltaic energy and do on.


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