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China Metal Injection Molding MIM Sintering Industry Parts ,Sintering process In Powder Metallurgy

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1) Powder metallurgy can make sure that the material composition ratio is accurate and homogeneous.
2) Appropriate for mass manufacture of identically shaped goods at cheap production costs.
3) Oxidation is not a concern for the production process, and there won't be any material contamination.

4) No additional machining processing is necessary, saving resources and cutting costs.

5) Only powder metallurgy is capable of producing the most challenging metals and compounds, pseudoalloys, and porous materials.

1. For a design expert or a big company with your own engineering team: we prefer to receive a fully RFQ pack from you including drawing, 3D model, quantity, pictures;
2. For a start-up company owner or green hand for engineering: just send an idea that you want to try;
3. Our sales will reply you within 24 hours to confirm further details and give the estimated quote time;
4. Our engineering team will evaluate your inquiry and provide our offer within next 1~3 working days.
5. We can arrange a technical communication meeting with you and our engineers together anytime if required.

The green pieces are fed into a sintering furnace until they reach the necessary final strengths, densities, and dimensional stability.

In the process of sintering, temperatures below the melting point of the main powder component of the part are heated in a protected environment to molecularly connect the metal powder particles that make up the part.

The size and strength of the contacts points between the compressed particles grow to enhance the component's technical characteristics.

In order to meet the final component parameters, sintering might shrink, expand, improve conductivity, and/or make the part tougher depending on the process design.

In a sintering furnace, the components are put on a continuous conveyor and slowly transported through the furnace's chambers to accomplish three main tasks.

To eliminate undesired lubricants added to the powder during the compaction process, the pieces are first slowly heated.

The parts next proceed to the high heat zone of the furnace, where the final qualities of the parts are determined at precisely controlled temperatures ranging from 1450° to 2400°.

By carefully balancing the atmosphere inside this furnace chamber, certain gases are added to decrease existing oxides and stop additional oxidation of the parts during this high heat phase.

To complete the pieces or get them ready for any additional processes, they finally go through a cooling chamber. Depending on the materials used and the size of the components, the entire cycle may take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

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1. What are the differetiates between JIEHUANG  with other supplier?
Profeession and reliability.
Our advantages are multiple available technologies, strong quality assurance, and good at project & supply chain management.

2. Is there a cost for JIEHUANG service?
There is no additional cost above the product and tooling price except third party service.

3. Will I be able to visit the supplier myself?
First, all of our supply partner has undergone a series of screening and audit process, we can provide complete audit report to you.
Secondly, if you want to perform your own independent supplier audit procedure, our representitives can accompany and assit with you to achieve it.

4. How to deal with the quality problem?
a. With our partners we perform APQP at an early stage in each project.
b. Our factory must fully understand the quality concerns from customers and implement product & process quality requirements.
c. Our quality professionals who perform patrol inspection in our factories.We perform final inspection before the goods are packed.
d. We have 3rd party inspectors who perform final audit checks on the packed goods prior to dispatch from China.
5. Can you take responsibility for me?
Of course, I'm happy to help you! But I just take responsibility for my products.
Please offer a test report, if it was our fault, absolutely we can make a compensation for you, my friend!

6. Do you like to serve the client only with small orders?
We enjoy to grow up together with all our clients whatever big or small.
You will become bigger and bigger to be with us.



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