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The technique of casting aluminum using a die involves pouring molten aluminum alloy into a mold, where pressure causes the liquid to solidify into a casting.

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Our factory uses high-pressure casting and has a 180–1260 ton cold die casting equipment. In addition to having a high surface tolerance grade, good roughness, and high strength, the products we create also have a high productivity—at least 50000 pieces per month—and a controlled product scrap rate of 2%. The CMM's tolerance is 0.0005 and it can be used to detect and control product tolerance and size within the bounds of client specifications. If customers need it, we also offer assembly service.

Our factory also specializes in the production and processing of various metal parts on a custom basis, including electrical components, communication equipment spare parts, firefighting accessories, furniture metal accessories, customized led light housings, and precision die castings spare parts for cars and motorcycles. Our company has 12 CNC machining centers and more than 20 CNC milling machines and lathes since some of these metal parts will need to be highly precise to meet the product assembly criteria. Our CNC machining device has a minimum accuracy capability of 0.0005.


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