What advantages of ceramic injection molding?

Alumina ceramic has the advantages of high insulation, high heat insulation, corrosion resistance, high hardness, can be used in the manufacture of crucible, engine spark plug, high temperature refractory materials, thermocouple sleeve, insulation substrate, sealing ring, cutting tools, etc.

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With the improvement of the production level, in recent years, alumina ceramics are also favored in the optical field. When the alumina ceramics are fully densified, bthe transmittance is greatly increased and the translucent shape can be used to replace single crystal sapphire, making high pressure sodium lamp arc tube, infrared optical element, microwave integrated circuit substrate and other devices. Moreover, the mechanical properties of alumina ceramics can be improved by increasing the density.


zirconia Ceramic has become the material of choice for smart wear due to its anti-scratch, skin-friendly, non-allergic, jade color and low cost. Ceramic injection molding is one of the main molding processes of intelligent wearable ceramic appearance parts.

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The advantages of using ceramic injection molding for intelligent wearable ceramic appearance parts are:


Can be close to the net molding geometry complex and have special requirements of small ceramic parts, high precision molding products, green density uniform, high strength, sintered body performance and product quality consistency is good, so that sintered ceramic products without machining or less processing, so as to reduce the expensive ceramic processing costs;

The molding process has a high degree of mechanization and automation, the molding cycle is short, the management and control of the production process is also very convenient, easy to achieve mass production, large-scale production;


The ceramic molding products have extremely high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, the surface finish can reach 5um. Therefore, CIM technology has become one of the injection molding methods, such as metal injection molding, titanium injection molding.. JH MIM as one of the top ceramic injection molding companies, there are professional technicians who will provide you with advanced ceramic injection programs.

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