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Copper Powder Manufacturing Process: A Complete Guide 2022

Ningbo Jiehuang Chiyang Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of copper powder through a meticulous and advanced production process. Our copper powder is produced using high-quality raw materials and innovative technology to ensure exceptional purity and consistency, Our manufacturing process involves carefully selecting copper raw materials, followed by a series of steps including crushing, grinding, and refining to achieve the desired particle size and purity. We also employ advanced techniques such as atomization or electrolysis to produce copper powder with excellent flowability, conductivity, and thermal conductivity, The copper powder manufactured by Ningbo Jiehuang Chiyang Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. finds applications in various industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and additive manufacturing. Our product is known for its superior quality, reliability, and performance, We are committed to providing our customers with top-notch copper powder that meets their specific requirements. With a strong emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver the finest copper powder for your business needs

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