Custom Sintered Titanium MIM Parts for Auto Parts

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Custom Sintered Titanium MIM Parts for Auto Parts,Made by Titanium Metal Injection Molding

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Metal injection molding for titanium spare parts


Titanium alloy , brass , tungsten alloy , carbon steel , stainless steel SUS201, SUS303, SUS304, 316L , 17-4PH etc.

Surface treatment

Heat treatment, polishing, powder coating, galvanized, electroplating, spraying, and plating


Feedstock mixing , injection molding ,debinding , sintering , finishing .



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auto,motorcycle,bicycle,aviation,electonic,medical,home appliance,machine

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PP bag/Bubble Bag , White box , carton , pallet (plywood,plastic etc.)

The industrial process of titanium injection molding, sometimes referred to as powder injection molding (PIM), is used to create intricately formed objects from titanium powder. This method combines titanium's excellent strength and corrosion resistance with the advantages of plastic injection molding.

 The development of a feedstock, which consists of titanium powder and a thermoplastic binder, is the first step in the procedure. High pressure and temperature are used to inject the feedstock into a mold cavity, causing the thermoplastic to melt and bind the titanium particles together. After the item has set, it is taken out of the mold and heated in a furnace to remove the thermoplastic binder (debinding). In order to create a titanium component that is completely dense, the item is then sintered at high temperatures.

 Titanium injection molding is an economical manufacturing process that can create massive volumes of products with intricate geometries and precise tolerances. As a result of titanium's advantageous qualities, it is frequently used in sectors like aircraft, medicine, and military.


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Benefits of Metal injection molding :

intricate geometries

effective utilization of resources

the production of nearly net-shaped components results in less material waste and is regarded as a green technique.


superior mechanical qualities

solutions made to order with special materials developed to satisfy component/application requirements

For full assembly solutions, MPP materials can be brazed or attached to a range of components.


Important Features: 
MIM manufacturing is a repeatable technique for complicated alloy high-temperature alloy components.
Due to its nearly complete density, MIM metal injection molding parts have outstanding mechanical, magnetic, corrosion, and hermetic sealing qualities. 
This also makes it simple to execute secondary processes like plating, heat treatment, and machining.
Innovative tooling methods akin to those used in the plastic injection molding sector are employed to produce complex shapes.
With multi-cavity tooling, high volumes can be produced.

JIEHUANG MIM offers customers in numerous sectors situated all over the world custom-engineered powder metallurgical product solutions. Leading innovator in Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technologies is JIEHUANG. We have the capacity to make components with complexity well beyond that of competitors in the industry using best-in-class CNC compaction technology.

The benefits of weight-saving solutions have been made available to JIEHUANG's clients thanks to us, the industry's leading provider of lightweight aluminum components.

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