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The mim metal injection molding and micro metal injection molding process are appropriate for producing small and extremely small parts utilized in medical equipment in the realm of technology. The MIM manufacturing method satisfies all specifications for product design and superior optical characteristics.

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Application: An ENT expert or emergency department staff member will use an otoscope to look inside the ear canal and ear drum. It now has a complicated structure and numerous extra functionalities. Some of the most crucial requirements include little weight and easy, safe handling.

Medical technology metal injection molding parts: The devices should always get lighter and smaller, despite ongoing improvement from new features. As a result, it takes longer and costs more money to manufacture each component individually. One should incorporate the metal injection molding manufacturer as early in the development process as possible to maintain low prices despite the products' ongoing increase in complexity. This makes it possible to achieve the best possible balance between the raw material and the production process, which also involves efficiency.

Medical technology MIM materials: For use in the operating room, alloys like 316L and 17/4 PH ("surgical steel") satisfy even the strictest security and quality standards. Parts with thin walls and zero burrs can be produced using the metal injection molding process. This connector piece is made from the 316L.




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