Engineered plastic injection molding molds survive about as long as the metal molding process used in metal injection molding process. Due to the use of metal molds, MIM molding can produce parts in large quantities. Because the product blank is created by an injection machine, there is a guarantee for large-scale and large-scale industrial production because the production efficiency is greatly increased, the production cost is decreased, and the consistency and repeatability of the injection molded product are good. Various materials are available for MIM metal injection molding (iron based, low alloys, tool steels, cemented carbides). The MIM method can theoretically be used to create parts from any powder material that can be sintered at high temperatures.utilizing high-melting and challenging-to-machine materials in conventional manufacturing procedures. The MIM technique may also create any alloy material combination, form composite materials into parts, and conduct material formulation research in accordance with user needs. Themetal molding process uses micron ultra-fine powder, which may help improve the mechanical characteristics of the material, lengthen the fatigue life of the material, and also increase the stress corrosion resistance and magnetic properties. It can also assist expedite the sintering shrinkage. 14 stages are often needed for materials that are very hard, brittle, or difficult to cut, or for parts with complex geometric shapes and segregation or contamination of raw materials during forging. However, the MIM metal injection molding process only needs 6 processes, which can reduce the cost by about half.Smaller and more complex metal products, the better the economic benefits of using the MIM process.As JIEHUANG metal injection molding companies,We have a professional metal powder injection molding design team and engineers, we can give you detailed professional advice, feel free to contact us!