dental supplies ortodoncia equipments MIM mesh base metal orthodontic MIM brackets

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China dental supplies ortodoncia equipments MIM mesh base metal orthodontic MIM brackets

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orthodontic mim brackets

Each bracket in the Mas-ter Series has a specific torque built into it depending on the system of choice.
In other methods, the face or the base are machined to accommodate the torque. Diagonal torque allows for the lowest profi le while maintaining the center of the arch slot above the center of the base and gives more predictable expression of torque.
Special design features include a round edge for enhanced patient comfort, a large ligation space, and ease of use.
Low friction is provided by imported body cutting and milling slots. Maximum bonding strength is ensured by 80 gauge foil mesh, and the low profile design offers a beautiful body made of 17-4 stainless steel.



Metal Injection Molding technology as a high-quality precision components near net shape technology, has the advantages conventional powder metallurgy, precision machining and casting methods can not acquire.
• As same as the production of plastics production complex shape of small metal parts (0.1-100g);
MIM Parts properties of homogeneous, high dimensional accuracy and high relative density (≥ 95%);
• Good surface smoothness;
• Product quality stability, high efficiency, easy to achieve high-volume, large-scale production.

MIM Material

Fe-based alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, tungsten alloy, carbide, titanium, magnetic materials, Kovar alloy, fine ceramics, etc..
Fe-2Ni, Fe-8Ni; 316L,17-4PH ;WC-Co; Al2O3, ZrO, SiO2; W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Cu; Ti,Ti-6Al-4V; Fe, Fe14Nd2B, SmCo5

What We Do?

Our technical team have 15+ years of experience in developing custom Metal Parts.

We will work with you through all phases of project development – from requirement planning, tooling design and mass production, to FOT and manufacturing, through to the shipping . We can make any precision metal products, such as metal auto parts, electronic parts, 3C electronic parts, precision medical parts!


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Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment

Our core manufacturing equipment is imported directly from Germany.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment (2)
Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment (1)

Strong R&D Strength

We have 15 engineers in our R&D centre, all of them are doctors or professors from University of Science and Technology of China.

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Quality Assurance

Strict Quality Control, Rigorous product inspection after mass production


OEM & ODM Acceptable

One-stop Metal parts supplier in China


Hoping be your First choice of MIM partner!

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