What is Metal powder injection molding technology

What is Metal powder injection molding technology?Micro powder injection molding technology Conventional powder injection molding process (MIM), powder metallurgy products that can be processed and manufactured are limited to a weight range of 3 to 509. In recent years, due to the application of ultra-precision processing technology, it has been possible to use small precision molds to effectively use the mim metal injection molding process to manufacture difficult-to-machine materials and products that are complex and small and cannot be post-processed or surface-processed. This is the micro-MIM method (micro- MIM). The products produced by the micro-MIM method are not the main part of the products of the MIM method at this stage, but the method can handle difficult-to-process materials, complicated shapes and parts that do not require mechanical processing, so its application range is expected to grow rapidly . From the perspective of micro MIM technology and the raw materials used in products, the size of its products is mostly less than 1mm. It is difficult to adjust the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the products through subsequent processing technology. Therefore, in order to meet these requirements, it is necessary Use a certain fineness of raw material powder. The powder used in the conventional mim metal injection has an average particle size of about 10 m in diameter, but the micro MIM rule requires the use of powder with an average particle size of about 3 m. The surface finish of the sintered product of the micro MIM blank obtained by using such fine powder can reach RaO 0.25m, while the conventional metal injection molding parts can only obtain RaO 1.2m. Metal powder with an average particle size of about 39m can be produced by using high-pressure water close to 1000kg/cm2 to impact the molten metal stream, that is, the high-pressure water atomization method. This technology has been industrialized.


Post time: Dec-01-2021