How About Metal Injection Molding Process

Micro metal powder injection molding method: MIM metal powder injection molding method is a technology that uses a mixture of fine metal powder and resin or wax (binder) as raw materials for metal injection molding and then degreasing (decomposing the binder) and sintering to produce metal products. , Is a composite manufacturing process that integrates powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding. It can use finer metal powder than powder metallurgy, so it can promote sintering to produce high-density materials, and the product performance is greatly improved. It can also manufacture small metal parts with complex shapes and higher precision. Recently, the micro metal powder injection molding method has been further developed successfully.

metal injection molding process

The MIM manufacturer has the following five advantages:

  1.  Finer metal powder and binder are selected to form components, and the raw material has high fluidity.
  2. The homogenization of raw material blanks is realized by mixing and granulating.
  3. The use of microporous metal mold manufacturing technology has improved material filling, molding stability, mold release and conveying properties.
  4.  The heating speed is increased during the debinding and sintering process, which can control the growth of crystal grains and prevent deformation and damage during shrinkage.
  5.  Precise evaluation technology has been established in the inspection process.


Metal injection molding process

metal injection molding process

The newly developed miniature sacrificial resin mold accessory metal powder injection molding technology uses the resin mold embedded in the metal mold to form an integral body with the final molded body made by the metal powder injection molding, and finally undergo degreasing and sintering. And eliminate. This technology can well prevent damage to the molded body and is easy to handle.

Compared with the polymer-based porous materials, the porous metal materials metal injection molding manufacturer have better heat resistance and mechanical properties. Compared with ceramic materials, they not only have better ductility, but also have higher electrical and thermal conductivity. It is expected to be widely used in various filters, Chemical reaction catalysts, heat exchangers, impact energy absorbers, etc.

MIM (Metal Injection Molding) is applicable to wide range of metal materials including low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel-based alloys,tungsten alloy, carbide, titanium, magnetic materials, Kovar alloy and fine ceramics, etc.Welcome inquiry!

Post time: Dec-01-2021